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The mission is how you experience the game in Star Trek Bridge Crew. The Campaign follows the storyline and Ongoing Voyages are procedurally generated missions.

Campaign Missions[edit | edit source]

The Campaign consists of one Prologue and five Episode missions.

Prologue: Shakedown[edit | edit source]

Prologue: Shakedown is the introductory mission for Star Trek Bridge Crew.

Captain's log, stardate 2258.161. My crew is assembled, and we're preparing to embark on our expedition into the Trench. Before we depart, however, Starfleet Command has asked us to complete one final exercise to confirm the Aegis's fitness for the mission ahead, and undoubtledly to test the readiness of her captain and crew.

Episode One: Stormy Seas[edit | edit source]

Ep1: Stormy Seas is the first mission for Star Trek Bridge Crew.

Captain's log, stardate 2258.193. We believe we've identified a candidate world for Vulcan resettlement. The governing council for settlements in the Trench has granted us permission to perform a survey of Silva IV and its home system, on condition that we share all our findings with the council. We'll be accompanied by our science vessel, U.S.S. Huxley. This is our first journey into the uninhabited regions of the Trench.

Episode Two: Sun and the Shield[edit | edit source]

Ep2: Sun and the Shield is the second mission for Star Trek Bridge Crew.

Captain's log, stardate 2258.201. Our science team has discovered a connection between the anomolies we encountered in the Silva system. Each show the presence of a highly unstable substance known as "protomatter." Our continued exploration suggests the entire Trench may be contaminated with concentrations of protomatter, but further research will have to wait. We've received a distress signal from an independent vessel and are now in pursuit of the ship to render aid.

Episode Three: Swimming with Sharks[edit | edit source]

Ep3: Swimming with Sharks is the third mission for Star Trek Bridge Crew.

Captain's log, stardate 2258.206. It's become clear that the dangers of the trench make it unsuitable for a population as fragile as the Vulcans. The Federation will have to find a new home for the Vulcan people elsewhere. After our encounter with Klingon warships, our mission has changed. We need to know what the Klingon Empire is up to. We've detected significant Klingon activity deep within the Trench. We're going in alone to see what we can learn.

Episode Four: Survival of the Fittest[edit | edit source]

Ep4: Survival of the Fittest is the fourth mission for Star Trek Bridge Crew.

Captain's log, stardate 2258.207. We're in trouble. While in warp we passed through a massive subspace distortion. We've been thrown well off-course and the Aegis suffered severe damage from the event. Our warp drive is offline; impulse is barely functioning; we've not escaped the Klingons' notice. A large force is in pursuit and we expect their warships to arrive at any moment.

Episode Five: We are the Cavalry[edit | edit source]

Ep5: We are the Cavalry is the fifth mission for Star Trek Bridge Crew.

Captain's log, stardate 2258.210. We've successfully decrypted transmissions we intercepted from the Arna system, and our worst fears have been confirmed. The Klingons have recovered a protomatter-based weapon from the alien wreckage. We believe they are attempting to reverse-engineer it. We cannot allow the Klingon Empire to control a device of such devestating power.

Ongoing Voyages[edit | edit source]

Ongoing Voyages are procedurally generated missions of various types that you can play. You have the choice to play All Mission types or select either Defend, Recover, Rescue or Research type missions.

Defend[edit | edit source]

This describes the defend type mission.

Recover[edit | edit source]

This type of mission has the objective to return a criminal that has escaped.

Rescue[edit | edit source]

The objective of this mission is to travel to a system and rescue people from a ship in distress.

Research[edit | edit source]

This describes the research type mission.

The Next Generation[edit | edit source]

At least one storyline will involve acquiring anti-Borg to stop a marauding Borg cube.