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Helm is one of the four bridge crew roles available to players.

The helmsman is responsible for maneuvering the ship and navigating the ship between and within star systems.

Screens[edit | edit source]

Helm has several views to allow him to navigate and maneuver the ship.

Local Map[edit | edit source]

This view allows the helmsman to maneuver in local space and to target nearby ships.

Impulse Map[edit | edit source]

The impulse map shows planets and points of interest within the system that the ship can navigate to.

Warp Map[edit | edit source]

The warp map shows the systems within the trench that the ship can travel to.

Actions[edit | edit source]

These are the actions that the helmsman can perform.

Maneuvering[edit | edit source]

The Maneuvering controls allow the ship to move forwards and backwards, yaw left and right and move up and down on it's vertical axis. The speed and maneuverability is determined by the power provided to you by the Engineer.

Impulse[edit | edit source]

The helmsman can use the impulse map to select targets within the system to travel to. After the helmsman has selected a target, he returns to the local map, and lines the ship up with the plotted course. After the ship is lined up, and the engineer has allocated enough energy, the helmsman can engage the impulse engine by activating the lever to the left..

Warp[edit | edit source]

Similar to navigating using impulse, the helmsman selects a target on the warp map, then aligns the ship to the plotted course. After the engineer has charged the warp coils, he can engage the warp engines.