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Engineering is one of the four bridge crew roles available to players. It is replaced by Operations in the The Next Generation DLC.

The engineer's job is to:
1. Coordinate power flow between systems such as shields, weapons, and engines.
2. Prepare Warp Coils for Warp.
3. Repair damaged systems.
4. OPTIONALLY you can manage Transporters and interrupting systems of hostile ships (Helm and Tactical can also undertake these tasks).



Once the mission starts, you will be the one to look "stupid" first if you don't get this one thing right: Are you going to WARP or IMPULSE?

Quickly, toggle the setting to WARP or IMPULSE... Usually you will always need to go to WARP, so the first thing you do in a mission is too look for the toggle and ensure it is on WARP.


Ensure there is sufficient GREEN POWER to the engine. You want all the 5 spaces for Engines to have GREEN power banks.

You will see the green power banks on (from left to right) Phasers, Engines, Shields.

To gain FULL POWER to engines in this mode, click the green-banks from Phasers and Shields... But don't bother clicking the top green-bank, click the 2nd from the top. The green-bank will then go to the very top horizontal bar. Think of this top horizontal bar as sort of a silo of spare power.

Then, click the non-green boxes on the Engine. The green-boxes will move down to the Engine. Keep clicking all non-green boxes until they are all full (5 in total).

See the green power banks?


In the bottom-middle of your console you will see a toggle: POWER and ROUTING.

Move the toggle to ROUTING. This allows you to put even more power to the engines.

Click the coloured-dots from the Phasers and Shields and DRAG them over to the Engine.


Look at the right hand side of your console...

It has a figure such as 3500/3000

The LEFT figure is how much power you HAVE, the RIGHT is how much power you need.

Complete the SECOND step then continue actioning the THIRD step until you enough power.


Ahhh... the ship has completed it's Warp or Impulse... and now power may be needed for other things, like Phasers and Shields. Time to re-set everything!

Simply press "RESET ROUTING". It is a button on your lower right hand side of your console. This will reset the routing of power (THIRD STEP above) back to default.

Then, ensure you are toggled back to POWER from ROUTING (toggle is at the lower centre of your console). Click the GREEN-BANKS of the Engine (remember, click the 2nd from the top) and place some power back into your horizontal silo at the top of your console... this make you ready to add power to Shields or Phasers as your Captain may order. Best to distribute the power banks equally among Shields, Phasers and Engines if nothing serious is happening when you arrive at your destination.



Your main role to help the other bridge crew is to ensure there is the optimal levels of POWER to:

1. Engines (when going to warp or impulse), 2. Shields (when under attack), 3. Phasers (when attacking).

Ahhh, but there is also another role... REPAIRING!

There are 6 (six) areas to repair. Constantly monitor these or else your warp core will explode, or your phasers will not work, or any other embarrassing misadventure that will end the mission all because you let your ship fall apart. These repair areas are:

1. TBA... <<MORE TO COME>>


There are 2 (two) ways to do this: GREEN power banks that give power and COLOURED DOTS that can be moved around from Phasers, Engines and Shields. <<MORE TO COME>>

REPAIRING When encountering anomalies with bad effects or hostile ships that fire upon you, the ship will be damaged.

To enter Repair Mode, toggle the switch at the bottom-centre of your control panel.

You will see six (6) areas of repair:

1. Shield Emitters. 2. Engines. 3. Phaser Banks. 4. Torpedoes. 5. Scanners. 6. Warp Core.

HOW ENGINEERING SHOULD MANAGE REPAIR PRIORITIES The Captain should tell you which areas they want repaired, but you can always be pro-active! Think about what the ship needs now or soon. For example, if you are under heavy fire, consider:

  • Do we need Phasers and Torpedoes to be fully operational?
  • Might we need to make a quick escape? Then Warp Core and Engines for Impulse are important...
  • How are the shields? If the shields are very low and the weapons are very low (a.k.a. highly-damaged), then having Impulse engines is critical for an escape. But if Engines and Warp Core are both very highly-damaged while under attack, then Shields and Weapons is critical.

Always inform the Captain of critical high-damage so the crew can make decisions bout whether to FIGHT or make FLIGHT.